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MAT KEMBRI 34x34mm


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MAT KEMBRI 34X34mm The Gaming Mat KEMBRI Gapez-Arts is high quality printed heavy-duty PVC-made (530 grams per square meter) rollable terrain mat, ideal for fantasy football games and compatible with the 5th edition of Blood Bowl, in size ( 89,6X66,7 cm) with a grid of 34mm squares, representing a football field with sand. The Mat includes 2 Dugouts with their 4 sections: Reserves, Knock-Downs, Injured, Staff plus Turn and Re-roll tables for each player. Also includes: Kick Off Table, Weather Table, Scatter Template, Throw-in Template, Thrower Range Table. Heavy cardboard tube shipping. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: - Total sizes: (89,6X66,7cm) with a grid of 34mm squares. - Weight: 0.680 kg. - Made of high durability premium class PVC (530 grams per square meter). - No-textured gaming surface with printed high quality picture. - Resistant to scratch and tear as well as dirt stains. - Water based pens are easily cleaned with a simple cloth. - Shipping tubes can be used as easy storage.
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